Steady Swim Head



A) You can use it in place of the regular China cup on the forehead to keep the head steady in backstroke. We have been using this product and I have one in my bag for years and years. If a swimmer gets good at this standing it on its side really makes it a little bit harder. Please note that while it is made of rubber it could still possibly take the eye out of a kids head if used inappropriately

B) A tumble turn done very quickly is possible with the “Steady” on the forehead.

C) You can throw it into the pool to mark 15m. The rubber composition is ideal for this and you will find that pool staff are constantly trying to rob this on you, I have “Lost” more than 30 of these in the past 5 years.

D) If you are involved in teaching classes you now have a product that kids will love diving for.

E) Lastly, if you like underwater Hockey your Steady is ideal.

Size 3 inches wide x 1 inch deep. Weight 175g

A group of these are called Steadies