Finis Stability Snorkel – White


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The Stability Snorkel Series. The first of its kind, these bracket less snorkels are made for comfort and stability that you will forget you are wearing one. The Speed Snorkel is designed specifically for competitive swimmers who train at high speeds. With no more dealing with uncomfortable head brackets the snorkel features a cushioned resting spot that fits the natural curve of your forehead. The silicone mouthpiece is perfect for those hard training days with the patented pivot mouthpiece, with the ability to pivot you can quickly grab a drink of water or chat with your trainer with ease.

Designed for competitive swimmers being made for swimming at high speeds with an elevated body position in the water. The 5 custom setting means this snorkel is perfect for any swimmer allowing the tube to be adjusted to five different lengths for a customized fit. The Stability snorkel has a low-drag tube which is designed to curve closely around the head and to split the water as you swim, combined with the minimal strap which distributes pressure evenly around the head this snorkel is designed for comfort and performance.


  • Patented pivot mouthpiece
  • Minimal strap for less pressure
  • Designed for competitive swimmers
  • 5 Custom setting
  • Low-Drag tube