Arena Primo Women’s suit



Arena’s Powerskin Primo is designed to give you a sense of power over the water. The suit is made of Carbon fabric, which works horizontally and vertically in the water to help you swim faster.

This swimsuit for women is for those who take their swimming seriously. The material used by Arena to make the suit is designed to glide smoothly in the water while providing a lot of freedom of movement. In addition to the flexible material, this suit is also sewn with freedom of movement in mind, so you won’t feel any resistance when swimming.


  • Powerskin material
  • A training lifting effect
  • Great freedom of movement
  • Washable by hand.

This swimsuit from Arena has many great technical details, making it perfect for swimming training and competitions, especially. One of these details is the internal taping and lining that intensifies support and core stability. Also designed into it is a slim opening under the chest that helps provide more flexibility without compromising support and compression.

So if you’re really serious about your swimming and want to take it to the next level, then Arena Powerskin Primo is just the thing for you.

With Arena competition suits, the size also varies depending on how much compression you want, which you can also take into account if you’re between two sizes.

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24, 26, 28, 30