Arena Primo Men’s suit



In this Powerskin Primo Jammer, you get the ultimate competition/training jammer from Arena.

Here you get a pair of super cool jammers, ideal for the competitions where you need to swim breaststroke, backstroke, or medium and short freestyle distances. They support your body in the water and are at the same time very comfortable, allowing you to focus all your energy on delivering your best performance.

It definitely matters what you wear when you’re at competitions. The jammer can make all the difference, which is why it’s also a good place to invest if you want to see improvements in your results. With these Arena Powerskin Primo jammers in black/light blue, you get a pair of swim trunks that help promote your performance, so everything fits perfectly. They are perfect for sprinters and medley swimmers but also work well if you need to go for a longer distance.

  • Here’s what the Arena Powerskin Primo Jammer can do:

Power and comfort go hand in hand: There are no trade-offs with Powerskin Primo. You get both compactness and freedom to move in line with Arena’s innovative design, so with these jammers, you are guaranteed maximum power and comfort at the same time. It’s important not to compromise when you need to perform at your best, and that’s what these reflect.

  • Reduces stress in the muscles:

With the seamless two-panel construction and the strategic placement of seams on the thighs and hips, the pants give you compactness without restrictions, so you have both control and the support you need. This reduces stress in your muscles when you’re in the water, so you don’t suddenly get cold. At the same time, the lightweight fabric ensures that your glide is perfect and effortless.

  • Length in torso and legs:

Powerskin Primo has a good length in the torso and legs, so your body is better covered than in many other swim trunks. This supports the effects of “Intelligent Compression,” which aims to keep your body in place in the right way, so you can perform your very best.

  • Perfect for breaststroke, backstroke, medium freestyle distances, and short freestyle distances with many turns:

Because you get a good glide in the water while the mobility is so high, the pants are ideal for swimming styles that require good flexibility. At the same time, they also work very well during turns, so you don’t have to worry about everything suddenly fitting poorly, even when you’re going fast. They are some of the fastest competition pants you can get, so if you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, Powerskin Primo is a good choice!

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